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We do not pitch any particular ideology. Nor do we wish to become a platform for any particular ideology. We do however believe in free speech and different viewpoints add a richness to discussion that cannot be found within any high control group.

Contributing content

  • If you feel you have something to contribute please contact us at and sell yourself or send an article that you would like to contribute. This will be handled strictly confidentially. No we don’t pay for content so don’t quit your job and we are the judge and jury for determining if what you want published gets there. Providing some means of verifying the content goes a long way toward that goal, therefore it may be a bit tough for us to accept things like personal experiences unless they can be verified. Your pay will be the satisfaction that you receive seeing your work published on the internet with the possibility of helping someone. Or the liberation you feel giving voice to pent up frustration. We know, we’ve felt it all. Anything contributed is accepted with the understanding that, if published, you grant us the right to use it as we see fit without compensation. That generally means that we put it on the site. You will be credited with the contribution using whatever nom de plume you choose.
  • Send content you wish to publish to We have no interest in your email address except to be able to contact you or verify a request for removal so please do not use a temporary email address unless you are positive that you want the article to be visible forever.

Removing published content that you submitted

  • All requests to remove content that was contributed must originate from the same email address that it was submitted from. This is strictly for validation purposes, otherwise anyone could request that a contributed article be removed and we would have no way to determine if it is a legitimate request. We will honor any requests that meet this criteria within a reasonable time frame.
  • Send your removal request to As mentioned, use the email address that was used when you submitted your content originally. Otherwise we will be unable to remove it.


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