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Our mission

  • Our mission is to bring awareness to sincere people who have legitimate questions about some of the things that they have been asked to take ‘on faith’ by the governing body of Jehovah’s Witnesses, more recently known as the ‘faithful and discreet slave’. What you find here will be well researched and presented objectively, many times using the Watchtower Society’s own literature as source. All source material will be listed or links will be provided so that you can verify for yourself that we are quoting sources accurately and ‘in context’.

What our mission is NOT

  • We are NOT trying to bring down, destroy, or otherwise put out of business the Watchtower, Bible and Tract Society or the Jehovah’s Witness religion. I highly respect the sincerity and devotion that the vast majority of their constituents possess. I also feel that it is most unfortunate that these well meaning and sincere people have had their critical thinking abilities so severely compromised by years of indoctrination that they are unable to reason objectively about their beliefs out of fear for their eternal salvation.
  • We are NOT trying to tarnish the reputation of the Watchtower Society. Some would say that they are doing a fine job of that themselves and we tend to agree. We do not have an axe to grind, we are not going to name-call or hurl insults and spew vitriol. Any criticism directed at the Watchtower Society will be backed up with facts. You are free to call us out on that if we ever violate that statement and if it turns out that we were wrong we will publicly retract what was said, not just make it disappear. That is called honesty.
  • We are NOT starting our own religion. There are already way too many religions in existence, one more would simply add to the confusion. Our personal opinion is that religion is unnecessary but then that is just our opinion. Some people seem to ‘need’ religion, others can do without. That is a decision that you alone have to make.
  • We are NOT ‘drawing off followers after ourselves’. We are flattered that you are taking your valuable time to read what we have worked hard to present but we do not regard ourselves as the source of all truth. You almost certainly will come across things that you do not agree with. That’s fine, that is the freedom that you should possess as a member of the human family – the freedom to believe whatever you want without consequence and to express your beliefs openly.

If you are a new visitor please read this

  • Relax, this is a safe harbour. If you are currently a Jehovah’s Witness in good standing you may understandably be a bit nervous about visiting an ‘apostate’ site. This is NOT an ‘apostate’ site. What this means is:
    • We are not attempting to bring any injury to the Watchtower Society, Jehovah, Jesus, Tony Morris, elders or anyone else. We are not ‘mentally diseased’ (that will be dealt with in an article someday), we are clear-headed, rational, intelligent people with a sincere interest in our neighbors. We strongly feel that if ‘the Truth’ is the truth it should withstand scrutiny and furthermore, should not change weekly.
  • You are not tracked in any way. There is no way for anyone to find out that you visited this site unless you tell them. All content is accessible without any form of registration. You may comment anonymously, however please respect others. Targeted rants, angry tirades, and name calling will not be tolerated and will be removed. If you feel you must vocally disagree, please do it respectfully. We can agree to disagree.
  • We are not affiliated with the Watchtower Society or any related entity, we have no interest in you except that you find the information provided to be educational or even eye-opening and useful. If we meet this objective please, if possible, discreetly disseminate it to others. This is all about awareness, the more people that know the facts, the better off everyone is. You will not be ‘turned in’, not that we could since you are anonymous, remember? And even if you are so brazen as to register once we have that set up we still won’t. One point for sanity’s sake though, if you do decide to register, register with an id that cannot be traced back to you unless you have no reason to ‘hide’. This is a public website and will be indexed by search engines. We are not responsible if you do something, well, stupid.
  • Links to external sites are provided for convenience. Since they are external to this site and we have no relationship with them we are in no way responsible for the content that you may come across. Please use your discretion if you decide to visit any of the sites that are linked.



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